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X marks the Spot

Continued from “We Need to Build a Wall”

We decided to go for the tree permit first separate from the retaining wall permit just in case there were any issues with getting that permit and due to the need for a design for the wall which may take a while longer. Good thing as you will see.

On Sept 28, We  contacted the tree contractor who had told us that we would need a permit, smart guy, to get necessary info for permit and applied for the tree permit in person at town hall on Oct. 2 with copies of his license and certificates of insurance. While there I mentioned to the town engineer that we were planning to replace the existing wall and he said he would take a look at that too while he was onsite.

The town engineer and arborist came out two days later and inspected the property. They had requested that trees be marked before their arrival.  So, I grabbed a can of bright orange spray paint and marked the trees that  I could reach.

They tentatively approved the permit because the trees pose a hazard and some were diseased. They also had to notify the neighbors which could take up to 20 days.

While at our location, the Town engineer also gave me more info to help us find someone to do the design. All this time we thought we needed an architect but what we actually needed was a civil engineer.  He gave a list of engineers who had worked in the town before under permit.  I stopped pursuing the architects, none were helping me anyway and began calling from the engineer list still with very few responses.  Some do only septic, some just didn’t respond to messages, some names were surveyors not design engineers which would come in handy later as you will see.

Our favored contractor for the wall construction recommended an engineer who I was able to speak to on Oct. 3. I returned the signed tree removal proposal that day too.  The Tree Permit was issued Oct. 24.

To be continued…

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