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Who am I to Judge?

Why is it so hard not to be judgmental? People we know very well behave in predictable ways time and time again or a stranger says, does or looks like something that is not in line with what you would say, do or look like. For me, I struggle most with people who make commitments that they don’t keep. This has happened not once, not twice but over an over again for years on end. Now, of course, there is always a good reason:  I am not feeling well. I have too much to do before getting back to work. My car broke down.

My first reaction is to be angry and think sarcastically, “Oh, there’s a surprise. It’s always something.”  I value commitment highly. I find it extremely difficult to back out of a commitment I have made. I am happy that I am like that. It is that important to me.

Then, I step back, take a breath and think I am not her, she is not me.  I do not know what she is dealing with in her life and maybe, just maybe, it is harder for her. Maybe I am in a different place in my life. Still it is hard for me to step away from judgement.

Instead, I choose to see it as a blessing. I too have many other things to do. Now, I will regain a couple of hours out of my day to be productive doing my meal prep for the week or cleaning my house or getting some yard work done.

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