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Dave & Kristen’s Success Story

Griffin’s Success Story

Kristen’s Success Story

Mallory’s Success Story

Lindsey’s Success Story

I always find it extremely difficult to put into words what this opportunity has given me.

I started my coaching journey 3.5 years ago. I was a lost & lonely mom of two beautiful babes who’s best friend/hubby worked an insane amount of hours (he’s a chef). I was missing my own family who live about 7 hours away. So…I ate & drank my emotions. 30 extra pounds magically leapt onto my body which led to a deeper depression and major anxiety.

I saw a friends post on Facebook. She radiated happiness. I wanted that. Badly. When I reached out to her to ask what she was doing, her answer was NOT what I wanted to hear. She told me she was working out. I didn’t want to do that. But she told me her story. She shared how she was finding herself again through this virtual community in this Challenge Group.

I was so desperate for change, that I agreed to sign up. But I was only doing 30 days…and I was getting my money back when it was over. Yep…I was THAT girl.

Well, 3.5 years later and I still have gotten my money back. What I gained from all of this was an insane sense of purpose. I feel like I finally know what I want to be when I grow up. I am more patient with my children…I am learning to love myself again…and I am so passionate about showing other mothers that they deserve to feel that too.

Being supported (something I never thought I needed from an online community) was truly the catalyst for my transformation. I would not show up every day if it wasn’t for them. I would still be 30 pounds overweight…still eating bags of Salt n Vinegar chips…still drowning in alcohol…still not truly present in my family’s lives.
Here I am today, building a tribe of badass women. All of us becoming beautiful friends. All of us working together every single day to live out our dreams.

Michelle’s Success Story

I am Michelle. I was so consumed with taking care of everyone else that I had forgotten how to take care of myself. I knew something had to change – this is not who I wanted to be as a mother, a wife, grandmother, friend, or for myself.

I took a chance and trusted a friend that had shared in so many of those same feelings and insecurities and joined my first challenge group. I never knew what a life changing decision that would be.

Today not only I am physically stronger and healthier, I feel like a new empowered woman that has the chance to change lives. I am surrounded by positive, supportive, uplifting women that encourage and uplift each other everyday. I get to walk beside people on their journey to health and happiness. I love my tribe!

There was something more than feeling great, it was about connecting with people that believe in me before I believed in myself.

This tribe quickly became my friends and family. I look forward to connecting everyday, we laugh, cry, celebrate success and through thick and thin we supported each other.

I’m looking for:

  • women over 45
  • who are passionate with a sense of humor
  • love helping others & recognize others potential
  • dedicated & hard workers -enjoys community and loves life… and a little wine from time to time.

I never thought of the financial aspect because I was retired and drawing a pension. BUT I remember when my coach business became self sufficient & paid for supplies. NOW, it’s supporting my driving habit… new car payment. Let me mention, every year I’m rewarded with all paid inclusive trip with my tribe…bonus just because I love what I do…