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We Need to Build a Wall

In early August 2017 we decided that we should replace our retaining wall that is disintegrating.

We began by getting bids from contractors to build the wall. We asked friends through Facebook and contacted .  We received several responses and there was signification variation in the estimates due to different approaches, materials and possibly other unknown factors.

During that process, we realized we would need to have trees taken out and got bids for the tree removal.  These estimates also varied significantly; you will see why later.

One of the tree contractors said we would likely need a permit for the tree removal which I had never heard before. In fact we had some trees removed when we first moved in without any knowledge of that.

At end of September we felt we were ready to commit to this project.  I went to town website to investigate what required permits.  I didn’t know where to look so I called town and they directed me.  They said I need permit for both the trees and for the retaining wall.  The key factors are: trunk diameter and number of trees and wall height. I suggest before you start any work on your property not just the house you should find out what your local requirements are. Additionally, they advised me that I would need an architect to design the wall.

So, I downloaded the permit forms from the website. Copies of the contractor’s license and certificates of insurance are required which led me to call the tree contractor we had used previously on Sept 26, who we had used previously.  His price was about $2000 less than others. Seems they were between insurance policies and would do it on the weekend so the town wouldn’t notice. I said no thanks. Not comfortable having people in my trees that have zero coverage if they get hurt. I feel awful that I unknowingly had allowed them to work on our property before probably “between policies”.  Lesson learned.

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