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Before Bed Snacks

Have you been guilty of having a midnight snack once or twice?  I know I have but what if a little snack before bed isn’t such a bad thing. What if a snack before hitting the hay could help get you in shape and boost your ability to shed pounds? Now, you know you cannot just eat anything and everything.

Here are a few helpful hints for some snacks to have before you hit the sack.

Greek Yogurt

While your nutritional plan may already include some Greek yogurt, adding some right before you head to bed could provide a bonus to your metabolism. Packed with protein and valuable to building lean muscle, snacking on Greek yogurt before you lay down for the night can help burn fat as well.


A nice salty, crunchy snack at bedtime is more than just a tasty treat. Tossing back a handful of almonds will provide your body some additional fuel as it recharges. Almonds have been labeled as a fat burning superfood that can assist in replenishing and repairing what your exercise routine does to your muscles during the day.


The Beachbody performance line has many ways to help your body on its path to becoming fit, but one, in particular, is perfect for recovery while you sleep.  This is the one thing I do have every night before bed. Beachbody Recharge is specifically designed to reduce muscle soreness and aid in muscle growth while you rest. You give your body all the tools you need when you workout; why not give your body what it needs outside of your gym so that you can maximize your fitness and weight loss goals.

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